Our award-winning LMS is built for enterprises. Benefit from an open-source solution that leverages Drupal technology. Anyone can create an LMS. We create a personalized LMS that delivers success.

Personalize your LMS to your corporate culture

Personalize your LMS to your corporate culture.

Benefit from an open source LMS that's tested and proven by the world. Opigno LMS® offers an award-winning web-based LMS.

Leverage a personalized Drupal LMS that's custom-developed to your corporate culture using Opigno technology. Deliver a stylish and stimulating learning experience to employees. Cultivate engagement and build a community. Incentivize employees with gamification, certification, points and rewards. Elevate social learning and build a community with social networking, social newsfeeds, forums, chat messaging and video calls.

Usher-in trendy training strategies leveraging virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive videos and Live Video broadcasting. Automate with savvy artificial intelligence. Launch an easy and enjoyable platform your people will value. Enjoy the convenience of full integration capabilities with 400+ technologies and compliance with SCORM, H5P, xAPI. Exceptional organizations demand exceptional solutions. Anyone can build an LMS. We build success.

Award-winning Drupal LMS

Take advantage of the power and security offered by the Drupal open source system and its community.

Personalized LMS

Adapt Opigno to reflect the corporate identity of your organization and integrate your business applications.

Flexible hosting

Install Opigno on your independent environment and keep full control. Or use cloud version of Opigno to focus on your core business and get started immediately.

Start personalizing your LMS today.

Social learning

LMS Social Learning

Opigno LMS offers a suite of social learning capabilities, making training more attractive and engaging. Engages your learners through social learning, enhances their learning experience, and amplify participation. Opigno contains social networking & social newsfeed features, discussion forums, 1:1 and group chat features, collaboration & content sharing, user-generated content (UGC) that stimulates self-learning & motivation.

easily create training

Easily create training

Create training inside Opigno with 30+ H5P activities. Add forums and additional documents. Easily build your Learning Path with a simple drag and drop visual editor. Benefit from built-in collaboration tools for your entire team.

training catalogue

Training Catalogue

Easily access all your trainings in one central hub. The catalog makes it easy for learners to find related learning materials quickly. Learners can find training by using the search and filters options. Automate the process and display specific training to learners or groups. Depending on their job function or department. The training catalog page can be personalized to integrate your corporate brand identity, layout and look and feel.

live classes, webinars and meetings

Live classes, webinars and meetings

Opigno LMS is pre-integrated with Moxtra and facilitates live classes, webinars and meetings. Opigno offers a subscription-based package for Enterprise-level organizations that want incorporate Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google, or Go2 Meetings into their LMS. All of which is incorporated directly inside your LMS.

Learner profile page personnal

Learner personal hub page

Learners benefit from a personal hub page to easily view everything at a glance. Participants can review and download certificates, badges, skills and activities. Users can check their training trends and streaks. Individuals can access their social connections and training history. Corporations can personalize this design to incorporate company culture and brand identity.

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